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Please Note that as of today 17/03/2020 we are now closed due to the corona virus until further notice. For our members home visitors will be working as normal.

Warrington Visually Impaired People (VIP)

Supporting Sight Loss Since 1923

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Warrington Visually Impaired People (VIP) has been supporting the Community of Warrington and the surrounding area since 1923.
Since its humble beginnings based in Museum Street, Warrington (VIP) has developed into a renowned service providing a full range of services available to the Blind and Partially sighted.
We moved to our current specially commissioned building in 2012, where we are able to continue the good work providing support and services for hundreds of service users.

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Brick in the Wall 

As you are aware the VIP centre has been closed for a while, however we still have been supplying support to our members in there homes in the form of our existing home visiting service and from our volunteers staff we have delivered home shopping and medical prescriptions to some of our members along with our USB and Boom Box which has given all our members great entertainment with the talents of volunteers who have kept everyone informed of old Warrington news articles from the Warrington guardian.
The content of the USB we have run quiz’s told jokes and our very own VIP virtual radio presenter with the music being requested from some of the members there have been story’s from a variety of authors from Charles dickens classics to Ian Fleming James bond series. These USB we give help to keep our members in touch and uplifted during this trying time of covid 19.
These services we provide are delivered from our existing minibus fleet door to door and they are a great comfort to our members.
We are now in the preparation stage of bringing our VIP centre up to code for covid 19. This will require a new way of accepting our members into the centre with all the PPE equipment we need to supply each member and the ongoing cost of sanitizer gel (etc. …) And this is were we need you help we have a Brick In The Wall appeal running on our donation page, and like all charity's we rely on donations from various sources, when you make a donation this enables VIP to keep going with all its various services that we have on offer the virtual brick in the wall keeps our foundation strong to be there for our existing members and future members. VIP supporting the Visual impaired since 1923 we thank you.

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It was a great day at Walton Gardens yesterday for the annual Disability Awareness Day. Thanks to our members who donated lots of unwanted soaps, creams and perfumes. This allowed us to hold a tombola which raised money for our charity.
Many friends dropped in to talk and many people were made aware of The WARRINGTON VIP, so all in all a good day.
A big thank you to all the volunteers who gave up their Sunday to make the event a success.

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Amazon shoppers can you help us ? 
Yes you can when you shop at Amazon and click the Amazon smile picture you will be taken to Amazon to shop then Amazon will make a donation to us and it won't cost you a penny . Thank You For your Help .

101 Today 

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Our Stella has reached another milestone her birthday 102 and was very happy to share a cake and little drink with her daughter-in-law cheers Stella.